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Les trois dimensions

Trio of professional photographers
July 16th to September 10th

In the exhibit “Les trois dimensions” Bertrand Thibeault, Marc Hébert and Stéphane Lafrance present three different approaches to photography in the same room where images and voices from these artists will make you discover emotions and dreams. A short description will accompany each photograph and visitors may also listen to it on their tablet or their smart phone. Landscapes, digital creations, architectures and portraits will be on display.

Bertrand Thibeault graduated from the Canadian Armed Forces Academy of Photography as well as the Humber College of Toronto in cinematography and earned his certificate as a photographer and journalist from the Grant Macewan College in Edmonton. He also graduated from the Winona School of Photography in Chicago. Furthermore, he taught advanced photography at the Canadian Armed Forces. He has received several national awards and published images for the Canadian Senate, participated in the creation of a Canada Post stamp and was an official photographer for the Governor General of Canada. In 2012, he received his accreditation as an expert photographer by the Court of Justice of Quebec. He has also been named Photographer of the Year three times and is co-founder of the Coaticook Photo Club.

Marc Hébert is a Master photographer and has been a fan of photography since the 70s. Specialist in photography, he owned a professional studio for 15 years. The freedom acquired through the sale of his studio allowed him to save the monuments and landscapes of the region in photos. The town’s population recognize the mastery of his art and he is often asked to participate as a juror for several photographic competitions. He captured the magnificent residences of Coaticook and is the author of a hundred photographs which were deposited in a time capsule that will be opened in 2115. He also has an impressive collection of photographs which he acquired throughout many voyages. A member of the group “Coatic'Art”, he is also a co-founder of the Coaticook Photo Club.

Born in Sherbrooke in 1966, Stéphane enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces at the age of 17. Being self-taught, he learned how to handle a camera at the age of 14 and will teach his colleagues during his short career in the Armed Forces. In the year 2000, he founded "Les Productions MiliMyk", a company which manly operates in the field of audiovisual production. In 2012, he gives a biweekly course on CIGN radio in 2012, after which he will launch personalized courses in photography under the name of "Magic Photographic Declic". In 2014 with Marc Hébert and Bertrand Thibeault he founded the Coaticook Photo Club. In 2015, Stéphane develops a podcast program about photography which he will call "Fan de photo". This program, which is available on iTunes, became number 1 in the programs of photography. Today, Stéphane is viewed in more than 55 countries around the world.

Opening reception will be held on Sunday the 16th of July at 2 p.m.

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